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Winnipeg has one of the largest and most well preserved collections of hand painted signs in North America.

Our downtown core is covered with advertisements and store signs from years gone by that were painstakingly hand painted by highly skilled artists. While ads, store signs, and billboards certainly have changed since the turn of the century, the artform is still kept alive by a few individuals and its history is captured on the sides of buildings and signs we pass each day, often without noticing.

Craig Winslow brings his Light Capsules projection project to Winnipeg’s Exchange District. Matt Cohen documents the design history of the Exchange. Rick Wagner recounts changes in the industry, and The Travelling Sign Painters find a new path for their designs.

Matt Cohen

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The Travelling Sign Painters


Rick Wagner


Light Capsules by Craig Winslow

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Photo of Matt Schellenberg Music by
Matt Schellenberg

Historical view of Main Street from Scott Block Rob McInnes postcard collection
Winnipeg Public Library

Photo of sign painting course by Allan Lorde Allan Lorde

John Henry Signs John Henry Signs

SX Ham Can by Craig Winslow