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Client: CancerCare Manitoba
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The What do you live for? campaign reminds audiences to take care of the quality of life that they enjoy by taking care of their health. Cancer screening is for everyone, not just some high risk category. Our GetCheckedManitoba video and radio spots weave together different timelines to show moments with special meaning throughout our lives, and to bring out the connections that we really value.

The entire campaign included creative direction, script writing, storyboarding, direction, production, and editing for TV, radio, and social media uses.

Cancer screening saves lives.

Have you been screened for cancer? Should you?
Screening means getting "checked" for cancer. It is for people who have no signs or symptoms of the cancer for which they are being tested.

Screening can prevent some cancers by finding and treating changes before they develop into cancer. Other cancers can be found early when treatment may work better.

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