Waking Winter - FXR

Highlight Video
Client: FXR Media

While patience may be a virtue, no one really likes waiting for things, which is why we shot a promo video for FXR’s new Winter clothing lineup in Summer! We took FXR’s latest designs on a true wet weather test, hauling professional wakeboarders across the lake dressed head to toe in winter gear. It also gave FXR an opportunity to test out their F.A.S.T. floatation technology built in to the suits, designed to keep you afloat should you go through the ice in winter. Turns out, it’s perfect for wakeboarding too. A couple of days enjoying the outside with the FXR team turned into a full length promo video, social media spots, and a lot of drenched equipment.

The creative concept was a developed through close collaboration with FXR, while direction, production, and editing was completed in house at Handcraft.