Behind The Scenes - Making Mixed Reality Trailers

Process Video
Client: Kert Gartner

Virtual Reality (VR) platforms are exploding right now, including the Oculus, PSVR, and HTC Vive. These systems allow you to be totally immersed in another world whether that is gameplay or 360-degree video, which creates all sorts of possibilities for content creators.

You really have to try it to understand what’s possible in VR, and so one of the biggest challenges is how to communicate what the game experience is actually like in a non-VR format video.

Colin and Sarah Northway have been doing very interesting exploration of Mixed Reality content where they can show players right inside of the game as they play it. This isn’t the same as actually playing the game, but it gives you a much better sense of what’s going on.

We love coordinating a set, actors, cameras, and technical challenges! So, when Kert Gartner started into the trailer videos for the VR games Fantastic Contraption and Job Simulator (two of the launch titles on the HTC Vive), we knew we wanted to be involved. This shoot included green screen, actors, live gameplay capture, and brand new technology. This behind the scenes video explains some of the technical challenges we tackled. For even more you can see Kert’s in-depth notes on Making Mixed Reality VR Trailers and Videos.

And of course, don’t miss the final trailers for Fantastic Contraption and Job Simulator!

Fantastic Contraption

Job Simulator