Haven Design

Oak + Oar and Handcraft Creative are pleased to present the fourth episode of Homegrown, a series of videos catching up with some of the homegrown talent with ties to the city of Winnipeg.

It seemed only fitting that on a cool Saturday morning we would find Haven Design owner, Josh McFaddin, tucked in his historic Exchange District studio in downtown Winnipeg. The unique buildings that comprise the downtown Exchange District boast raw beauty and awe-inspiring character. This blend of characteristics directly parallels Josh’s approach to his craft. Like the masons before him his keen eye for detail and his unique relationship with wood, stone and the outdoors ensure that his custom furniture, stonework and kitchen design are all produced in a manner that is far from common. Each piece is designed, start to finish, with the mentality that the completed piece will find itself nestled in your safe haven and family for generations to come.

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Client: Haven Design
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